Mary Magdalene

Tiffany Graham is a classical artist specializing in large scale oil paintings.

Her intuitive painting process is deeply spiritual, birthing images with bold colors and seeped in Magic Realism. Her process involves custom built canvasses, home made solvents and pure pigments to create magnificent works of art that are truly unique. Tiffany is selectively accepting commissions for oil paintings and murals.

Tiffany also takes an “old masters approach” to limited edition, certified giclee prints. These prints are a meticulous recreation of her original oils. She works intimately with the colorist to create exquisite works of art on archival paper.

EMAIL Tiffany to talk about creating your personalized large scale painting or limited edition print.

To me, every glimpse at nature is a kind of dreamscape. The element of landscape in my work is always rendered from memory- rather than paint what’s in front of me, I prefer to surround myself with that thing, go away from it and wait for it to resurface in my imagination. My keen interest in literature and poetry also figure into my work in much the same way, through transposition.