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Light From Within

The canvas has a history, a life. These textures are diverse and yet well-integrated, created with various techniques: wiping out paint after it’s been applied, expertly staged strokes and drips. Tiffany’s years of experimentation with paint at work. Every move appears graceful and well-resolved.”
-Brooke Lober, UC Santa Cruz

Tiffany Graham is a classical artist specializing in large-scale oil paintings.

Tiffany’s intuitive painting process is deeply spiritual, birthing images with bold colors and seeped in Magic Realism. Her process involves custom built canvasses, home made solvents and pure pigments to create magnificent works of art that are truly unique. Tiffany is selectively accepting commissions for oil paintings and murals.

Tiffany also takes an “old masters approach” to limited edition, certified giclee prints. These prints are a meticulous recreation of her original oils. She works intimately with the colorist to create exquisite works of art on archival paper.

EMAIL Tiffany to talk about creating your personalized large-scale painting or limited edition print.

Tiffany Graham and Night Singer

Oil Paintings

I invite you to step into my gallery of work. From my earliest portraits, still-lives, and imagined compositions, I nurtured a romantic sensibility bred from a family rich in Spanish culture- the brooding and laconic spirit of Flamenco music and dance.


Commissioning an art piece is a personalized and intimate process of creation. Commissioned art work is a way to celebrate an important milestone in life such as an anniversary, a birthday, an achievement or some event of significance.

Giclee Prints

I am excited to offer museum-quality, limited edition giclee prints of select art pieces. Prints are hand-signed and dated, printed on 100% archival rag paper and come with a certificate of authenticity which secures their future value.

In the Studio- Blog

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