This past year of sheltering-in-place has offered many of us unexpected gifts, as well as obvious hardships.  For me, one of these gifts was finally having the time and space to create an intentional website that wholly reflects my work as an artist.

While oil painting remains my first love, I have moved away from large community mural projects toward more intimate commission work.  My new site shows the process involved in creating commissioned paintings, and reveals the unique journey behind several projects that I have done since relocating to Los Angeles.

I have also embarked upon my long desire to offer museum-quality giclee prints of several of my oil paintings. This has opened up more avenues for my dreamscapes to find their way into the outside world, even once the original painting has found its home.

All of this would not have been possible without another major gift – just the right person appearing at just the right moment to help bring this new site to fruition.  Nityia Przewlocki worked tirelessly with me to design this rich and vibrant website, and helped me to push past my fear of having my inner world made visible.  I could not be more grateful to her for her artistry and her vision.

I welcome your thoughts on the new site…

Much Love,