The photo above captures the moment just after a mural is unveiled for the very first time. It was taken at the unveiling of the “Our Eagles Soar!” mural quartet on June 10th- a project that I created with more than 600 kids and their families at Juan de Anza elementary school in Hawthorne, California. Many of the families were present, their excitement palpable. I could hear students telling the news reporters that this was the best day of their lives, and that making the mural was the “funnest” thing they ever did 🙂 I had one parent show up to volunteer his help with the mural almost every day for the entire three-month project! I call these volunteers “Art Angels”- a well deserved title!

It was during this period of creating “Our Eagles Soar!” that the name for my community mural business finally came to me: DREAMSCAPE MURALS. I have long referred to my oil paintings as dreamscapes, but it occurred to me that the community murals are dreamscapes as well. There is always an element of magic when making these murals with kids. Provided with the general theme, and asked the question “what makes you soar?”, the students at Anza created images of athletic feats, art-making, music and dance, math and reading, and playing with friends.  But that’s not all. They also created fantastical images of dragons, flying pigs, magic carpets and angels. It is that freedom to dream that makes these murals so special.

And so, I am happy to announce that Dreamscape Murals is now a legal entity of Tiffany Graham Fine Arts.


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