I am so excited to announce that the museum-quality giclee print of my signature Mary Magdalene painting is finally ready for order! For over a decade, this image has served as the face of my larger body of work. It is the featured image on my website and business cards, it is also on the cover of the book, Maria Magdalena by D. Heimisson. This painting evokes the intensity and mystique that I feel best characterizes my symbolic dreamscapes. The collectors who own Mary Magdalene very generously lent me the painting to produce a live-scan of the actual canvas for the purpose of this print. After several weeks of working closely with fine-art printers on color correction, we have arrived at a result that far surpassed my expectations.

I am currently releasing a small, exclusive edition of the print made up of only 20 Artist Proof prints (AP 1/20- AP 20/20). These will be priced at $900. It is also possible to order a print from the larger edition of 199 prints (1/199- 199/199), which will be printed and shipped beginning the first week of November. These prints will be priced at $600. The prints are 25″ x 28″ with a 2-inch border. They are hand-signed and dated, printed on 100% archival rag paper and come with a certificate of authenticity which secures their future value. Packaging and shipping costs are included in the price.

To order your print of Mary Magdalene from either limited-edition collection, please contact me via email at tiffany@tiffanygrahamart.com. You can also visit the “Buy” page on my website to see the sale listing for both the Mary Magdalene and Night Singer prints at https://www.tiffanygrahamart.com/shop/. Keep an eye out for the release of my next limited-edition print of “The Veil”, which I hope to make available for purchase before the New Year!