“The Veil” (47″ x 34″), commissioned by author, Peter Janney and inspired by his provocative nonfiction book, Mary’s Mosaic, has been an unusual journey from the outset (www.marysmosaic.net).  Mary’s Mosaic is the story of the assassination of JFK’s last true love, Mary Pinchot Meyer, a painter who shared his dream of world peace. When I first read the book a couple of years ago, I could not have imagined that it would lead to the creation of this mystical dreamscape.  The project has taken several months to complete and was developed in three distinct stages:

1–  Research/Musing/Transposition: Arriving at the theme, mood, color palette and specific imagery that most resonates/haunts.
2– Sketch/Design/Compose: Creating a series of sketches to determine a final composition.
3– Transfer Image/Paint:  Transferring the composition onto canvas as a line drawing in umber paint, then adding layers of color and creating translucencies by wiping away paint and allowing drips along the way.  This was the fun part where I became the happy conduit for the emergence of the actual painting.
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