Make-A-Wish Mural 2018


This 8′ X 8′ mural resides permanently at the Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles headquarters. It was created by 21 Wish kids and their families, comprised of imagery from their individual Wish experiences.

La Leyenda de las Garzas


I painted this mural in collaboration with 25 orphans, boys ages 5-16 at the Casa Hogar Tata Vasco in Patzcuaro, Mexico in 2007.  The imagery was inspired by a local legend about how the white egrets came to inhabit the lake.

DSC01534 DSC01543 DSC01616


Raven Brings Light


This 28 foot mural was created by K-5 students at the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy Elementary School in San Francisco in 2001.  This project was the culmination of a 9 month residency funded by the California Arts Council and the San Francisco’s Mayor’s office.

This Native American theme was selected for the spirit of hope it suggests, while reinforcing the school’s healthy multiculturalism.  It was also inspired by yearly trips to the wilderness in Alaska at that time.

The students showed an amazing ability, as evidenced in the colorful content of the mural, to respond in close, personal ways to the rich nature-related symbolism evoked by the legend.

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