Symbolic Portraits

My symbolic portraits are about capturing the essence of the subject– real or imagined. I study my subjects as they relax into natural postures. What qualities emerge? What is feeling in the room? What gestures and emotions arise? As an artist I am drawn towards mystery, sensuality, softness, innocence.

I bask in the energies that emanate from my subject. The painting emerges.

And your childhood, love, your childhood. The train and the woman who fills the sky. Not you, not me, not the air, not the leaves. Yes, your childhood: now a fable of fountains.
– Federico Garcia Lorca


Mary Magdalene

oil on canvas

32″ x 34″

private collection

(San Francisco, CA)

ARTIST PRINTS AVAILABLE FOR SALE – full size 25″ x 28″ prints have a 2″ white border; medium size 18″ x 20″ prints have a 1″ white border

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