In the Spring of 2017 I began working with Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles to create a mural with some of the local Wish kids and their families for the foundation headquarters. I immediately began seeking donors and ultimately found one in the Westchester Rotary Club. Thus began a journey of working with the kids to help them to capture their individual wish experiences in a piece of art- images that I would later tapestry together to create the collective design for the mural. Their excitement when sharing their Wish experiences was palpable, as was their joy from simply being together and making art. This 3-minute video by Maciej Kubrak and Leah Harr captures perfectly the poignancy and magic of the process of creating this special mural:

If translated to words, the pure whimsy of the experience might resemble this poem by ee cummings:

“to have tasted Beautiful to have known
Only to have smelled Happens-skip dance kids hop point at
red blue yellow violet white orange greenness
o what a proud dreamhorse moving(whose feet
almost walk air). now who stops. Smiles. he